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Mini-Doco - The Story of Jurassic Plastic

The Japan Foundation Sydney

Release Date
May 2021

Featured Artists
Hiroshi Fuji

Writer, Curator
Kathryn Hunyor, Director, ArtsPeople

Jurassic Plastic with Hiroshi Fuji

Our Role

The Project

‘The Story of Jurassic Plastic’ is a mini-documentary co-produced by ArtsPeople & The Japan Foundation, Sydney that introduces contemporary Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji and Arts People’s Production Jurassic Plastic with Hiroshi Fuji.

Artist, activist, museum director and educator, Hiroshi Fuji has been an important figure in the Japanese art world for the past four decades. Well-known for his works that utilise discarded plastic toys, Fuji’s sculptures and installations are beautiful explosions of colour that are both playful and alarming. With its origins in his community ‘toy exchange’ program that has operated across Japan for more than 20 years, Jurassic Plastic shines a light on notions of collective consumption and waste, and inspires us to consider the role of plastic in our lives.

Featuring interviews with artist Hiroshi Fuji and Curator Kathryn Hunyor (Director, ArtsPeople) ‘The Story of Jurassic Plastic’ takes you behind the scenes and into Fuji’s magic, plastic world.


Artist Assistants: Yoko Fuji, Shoko Nishikawa
ArtsPeople Senior Producer: Narelle Lewis
ArtsPeople Producer: Tsusako Corkill
ArtsPeople Video Supervising Producer: Alison Peters
Curator Interview Location: sullivan + strumpf, Sydney. Exhibition by Alex Seton
Videographer & Editor: Roy Weiland
Graphic Design: Kyle Walker & Kelly Freeman
Subtitles & Translation: Tsusako Corkill, Lucy Takato & Kathryn Hunyor
Images & Video Footage courtesy of: 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo; 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa; SBS Radio; Mori Yu Gallery; Akita University of Art; Hiroshi Fuji
Photography: Vlad Da Cunha, Hamish Ta-mé, Haline Ly, Keizo Kioku, Osamu Watanabe, Yasuyoshi Chiba
ArtsPeople’s production ‘Jurassic Plastic with Hiroshi Fuji’ was first commissioned by the Sydney Festival, 2018 and supported by the City of Sydney. Special thanks to Wesley Enoch.

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