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Design 101:

A Series of Six Lectures

on Design

Australian Design Centre

21 April – 2 June 2021

Co-Creator & Host
Kathryn Hunyor

Lisa Cahill, CEO & Artistic Director
Australian Design Centre

Guest Leacturers
David Clark
Peter McNeil
Annalisa Capurro
Eloise Rapp
Mark Ian Jones
Alison Page

Guest Designers
Adam Goodrum
Rina Bernabei
Anna-Carin McNamara

Like many design objects, Design 101 came out of the frustration that a ‘product’ like this didn’t already exist – that is, an opportunity outside of the formal education system to learn about the history of design from experts in the field. Kathryn Hunyor, together with Lisa Cahill, CEO & Artistic Director of the Australian Design Centre, created this rare opportunity to go beyond trends, fashions and consumption, and into the historical context, deeper meaning and creative spirit of the design that surrounds us.

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The Project

A 6-part series, Design 101 presents engaging academic lectures covering some of the key design movements and cultures that inform our experience of contemporary design. Conceived of as a ‘salon’-style talk series, host Kathryn Hunyor will take the audience on a journey that traverses all the disciplines of design, from furniture, graphics, decorative arts and craft, to architecture, textiles, interiors and industrial design. Each week a special guest designer will join the conversation to talk about the influences of design history on their own work. In true ‘Design 101’ form, for each topic participants will be given reading lists and other resources for further reading and research.

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