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Japanese & Australian Women At The Forefront of Design


Masako Ban, Honeycomb.

Image courtesy of the designer © Masako Ban.

By invitation of the Japan Foundation and Sydney Design Festival, ArtsPeople’s Kathryn Hunyor will be hosting the FEMUFACTURE Panel Discussion: Women and Digital Fabrication in Australia and Japan on Friday 8 March.

The FEMUFACTURE exhibition will bring together Japanese and Australian artists who work in the hybrid space between traditional crafting techniques and contemporary digital fabrication technologies. FEMUFACTURE features new works by contemporary practitioners Masako Ban, Rina Bernabei and Kelly Freeman (bernabeifreeman), Belinda Dunstan, Tricia Flanagan, Aki Inomata, and Erina Kashihara.

The panel will feature Australian artists Rina Bernabei, Belinda Dunstan & Patricia Flanagan, and from Japan Erina Kashihara, who will discuss their individual practices in relation to how digital fabrication processes have altered the nature of craft and design. As women at the forefront of their field, the artists will shed light on their experiences of working within the technological industry.

For more information about FEMUFACTURE Panel Discussion visit Sydney Design Festival. Femufacture: Japanese Art & Design runs until 30 March 2019. For more information about the exhibition visit Japan Foundation.

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