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AGNSW Japan Supernatural Media Tour

Our Brief
Curate, schedule and coordinate a working visit to Japan for the AGNSW Japan Supernatural media visit. The delegation included senior arts journalists Shona Martyn, Lee Tran Lam & William Yeoman. Our brief was to immerse the journalists in the history, aesthetics and social context surrounding the Japan Supernatural exhibits, to ensure meaningful and insightful media coverage.

Bilingual Arts Sector Research
Curated Travel to Japan
Schedule Coordination

The Project

We approached the tour as a ‘week-long public program’, to ensure the media visitors engaged with not only the art, but also the social history, cultural and religious context that surrounds it. The program included everything from museum and artist studio visits to Kabuki theatre, historic landmarks and important temples in Toyko, Kyoto and Miyoshi. We ensured the Art Gallery’s broader communication plans and objectives were kept in mind while creating an enriching, informative and stimulating experience for their media guests.

AGNS Japan Supernatural Media Tour
AGNS Japan Supernatural Media Tour

Art Gallery of NSW

Destination NSW

6 – 13 October, 2019

Media Highlights
The Japanese artist redefining womanhood one brushstroke at a time
Cute and dark: the magical world of Japanese art star Chiho Aoshima
Samuari vs Yokai: Murakami creates a supernatural battle for Sydney
Fantastic Beast 
Ghosts and monsters dominate supernatural show

Images Courtesy of AGNSW. Photographer by Jenni Carter

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