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Art Ninjas At Barangaroo

With Nobumasa Takahashi + Kids

Lendlease (Barangaroo)

Creative Producer
Kathryn Hunyor

Nobumasa Takahashi

Photography: Haline Ly & Vlad da Cunha
Video: Dom Kirkwood

13 November 2016

Available For Custom Tour From 2023

Art Ninja Nobumasa Takahashi arrives in Australia to uncover the secrets and stories of Barangaroo. But it’s too big a job for one – he needs the help of Sydney’s art ninjas! Children and families are invited to collaborate with Nobumasa to bring his grey cityscape to life with their colourful, humorous and playful drawings. Together they discover what new, imaginary characters inhabit this sprawling city.

The Artist
Nobumasa Takahashi is an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist based in Tokyo and Onigashima, Japan. His prolific and multi-disciplinary practice spans fine art, commercial design and performative ‘live illustration’ events and workshops. His major work “Japanese Graffiti Series” draws on manga and traditional iconography to create sprawling works that are dense and satirical, where mythical creatures, office workers and machines jostle for space inside a megatropolis. His works feature in museums and galleries as well as on products for Microsoft, Wacoal and Converse.

The Project
A site-specific, participatory art workshop for children and families with a renowned Japanese contemporary artist. Every hour of the Street Fair children (and in the end parents too!) were armed with posca pens and invited to add to Nobumasa’s grey cityscape. Children waiting between sessions made origami ninja stars to get in the mood. The result was a 40-metre public artwork created by over 700 participants, all in one day!

Our Approach
ArtsPeople were commissioned by Lendlease to create a participatory art experience for children & families visiting the Barangaroo Street Fair, that could be complete in just one day, and utilise a black construction hoarding.

Our role included:
Public Art & Participatory Workshop Curation
Bilingual Curatorial & Artist Liaison
Workshop Hosting & Staff Management
Production & Project Management
Video Documentation & Art Direction

Art Ninjas At Barangaroo With Nobumasa Takahashi + Kids
Art Ninjas At Barangaroo With Nobumasa Takahashi + Kids
Art Ninjas At Barangaroo With Nobumasa Takahashi + Kids
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