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Art Appreciation Lecture:

Munakata Shiko

Art Gallery of NSW


Kathryn Hunyor, Director, ArtsPeople

Wednesday 19 June, 6-7pm

Thursday 20 June, 1-2pm

Book via the Art Gallery of NSW


Visit, Munakata Shiko, woodblock print, 1938
Photo: Tony Maniaty

Lecture Outline

Munakata Shiko was one of the most internationally celebrated Japanese artists of the 20th century. So how did this poor country boy become a world-famous woodblock print-maker by the time of his death in 1975? In an era of immense change in Japan, how did this short-sighted artist, using only basic children’s tools, literally carve out a new path for himself and redefine Japanese art and craft in the process?


In this lecture we’ll be looking at ‘The Night Visit’, held in the collection of the Art Gallery of NSW, to see how much can we learn about Munakata and his lifelong struggle to become an authentically ‘Japanese’ artist - but also thoroughly ‘modern’ - in his approach to woodcarving and print-making.  

About The Lecture

Join Kathryn for this Art Appreciation lecture at the Art Gallery of NSW Domain Theatre, and delve into the world of Japanese modern woodblock prints, the mingei (folk craft) movement, and how Japanese art evolved over the course of Munakata's life.

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