Develop the main program offering across the Powerhouse Museum and Sydney Observatory for the winter school holidays that could cater to an audience of 73,000 children and families over 17 days. The project needed to connect the two venues, as well as take advantage of the scale of the Turbine Hall in the Powerhouse Museum.

Curatorial & Programming Services
Production and Project Management
Audience Engagement Strategies
Relationship Negotiation
Book Publication

A contemporary art adaptation of ‘tanabata’, the annual Japanese star festival. It included a large-scale immersive participatory art installation, storytelling by professional actors, workshops, weaving, origami demonstrations, and an updated book publication. Supported by The Japan Foundation, Sydney. Book and merchandise created in partnership with MAAS, and artist and designer Haline Ly.

Photography: Sonsoles Fueyo Hidalgo, Lindy Goodwin and Ryan Hernandez
Film: Trinket Films

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