Fairfield City Museum & Gallery

Keg De Souza
Lucas Abela

Fort Thunder: An Electro-Acoustic Playground is an immersive sonic wonderland featuring new work by Keg De Souza and Lucas Abela. The local Fairfield community is one of Australia’s most culturally and linguistically diverse, with a high number of immigrants and refugees. The aim of this project is to be an inclusive and interactive space, designed to inspire and ignite the collective imagination through play and collaboration around sonic experience, that do not rely on language.

We worked collaboratively with Fairfield City Museum & Gallery who commissioned ArtsPeople to create a new project. We devised the brief, selected the artists, and together developed the curatorial concept and public programs.
Our role included:
Curatorial & Programming Services
Project Management
Workshop Hosting & Staff Management
Audience Engagement Strategies
Talks and Forums

A 3 month contemporary and participatory art exhibition and experience for local children and families of the Fairfield LGA. Fort Thunder is a musical fun zone that will house a series of distinct sonic environments riffing off traditional play equipment and children’s toys that encourage sonic play experiences for children and families. This participatory art experience is a cause and effect environment – where actions are rewarded with sounds in unexpected and magical ways.  

Photography: Flip Off, Lucas Abela

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