Images courtesy Nobumasa Takahashi.

Japanese artist Nobumasa Takahashi will fly out from Tokyo this month to create art magic at Barangaroo.

Nobumasa Takahashi is a prolific and multi-disciplinary contemporary Japanese artist, whose practice spans fine art (painting and drawing), commercial design and performative ‘live illustration’ events and workshops.  His ‘Japanese graffiti’ art draws on manga and traditional iconography to create sprawling works that are dense and satirical, where mythical creatures, office workers and machines jostle for space inside a mega-tropolis. An amazingly fast drawer and entertaining personality, Takahashi will run a children’s workshop for the Barangaroo Street Fair.

Using a massive black construction hoarding as the canvas, Takahashi will create the outlines of a sprawling city in advance. On entering the space, people will be intrigued by this diminutive Japanese figure drawing straight onto the wall with a Posca pen. They will marvel at the fascinating and beautiful illustration that unfolds and grows before their eyes. More and more people will gather to watch, and word will spread that the children will get a turn to draw with Takahashi and help him bring the work to life.

Every hour on the half-hour, children will be invited to join Takahashi in drawing on the wall with coloured Posca pens. Gradually over the course of the day the wall will fill up with brightly coloured creatures, doodles, and all sorts of illustrated ideas that bring Takahashi’s work to life.

Often children are hesitant to start, nervous about drawing onto the wall, but with encouragement, humour and Takahashi’s charisma, they become willing graffiti artists. The experience for the children is a harmless act of anarchy where they are free to break social norms and express their craziest and most outlandish ideas! Making work side-by-side such a talented artist, and then having their work displayed in such a prominent location, will certainly be a huge buzz for the children.

The Art Ninjas work will remain on display at Barangaroo South for a period after the event, for residents and visitors to enjoy.



As part of the Art Ninjas project there will also be an origami workshop where people can learn how to fold a ‘shuriken’ or ‘ninja star’. Hosted by Japanese actor Shingo Usami and featuring renowned origami artist Midori Furze, the workshops will be free-flowing, with people able to drop in throughout the day.

Remember that ArtsPeople always make it possible to continue the origami fun at home with authentic Japanese origami paper available for purchase via our e-store.


Art Ninjas at Barangaroo13 November 2016, 10am – 3pm in conjunction with the Barangaroo Street Fair

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